Austin Commercial Locksmith Service

Don’t think that computer hacking is the only way to break into a business these days. Sure, hacking has caught a lot of buzz in the business community lately, and rightly so. But believe us; there are still plenty of crooks who like to invade a workplace the old-fashioned way, and they’ll do whatever they can to penetrate the most vulnerable entry points of any office, plant or factory. That’s why a reliable commercial locksmith is a must for any business. And when deciding on an Austin commercial locksmith, you can do no better than 24/7 Austin Locksmith Service. At 24/7 Austin Locksmith Service, we know workplace security and how best to protect your business from intruders. We have the intricate knowledge of a wide range of locks and security systems that will make your business air tight.

Protecting Your Workplace

Firewalls and other cyber-security aside, it is crucial to have the physical protection at your business. That means you need an office locksmith that can handle all aspects of that physical security. The professionals at 24/7 Austin Locksmith Service are trained a certified to work with most any lock system around the office. We handle master key systems that give bigger operations a number of levels of access to their workers. We know the best type of lock that suits your security needs, from the standard dead bolt, to drop bolts, Mortise locks, interior door locks and file cabinets. We deal with locks for the most cutting edge security systems. And we keep abreast of local, state and federal regulations that require workplace safety, such as laws for panic bars that allow for quick exit in emergencies.

Opening A New Business

If you a starting a new business, of moving your business to a new facility, you should immediately assess the security. How old are the locks? Are there any keys or pass cards out there that you aren’t aware of? Do you know the laws regarding the security and safety of your workers? As a business owner, these are among the questions you should ask yourself. 24/7 Austin Locksmith Service is here to help you with these assessments. Give us a call, and we’ll come out to your site, assess your situation and employ our extensive knowledge of workplace security to suggest the best system for you.


If your business has been broken into, you need a qualified commercial locksmith that guarantees quick response to fix the problem. At 24/7 Austin Locksmith Service, we make it a point to respond quickly to calls, and to make sure that further intrusions do not occur. If you’ve somehow been locked out of your business, we’ll be there quickly to get you inside without damaging anything.

We perform all of these services with your budget in mind. When you need a reliable office locksmith, call 24/7 Austin Locksmith Service right away.